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Better understand a VC firm's experience and track record with insight into previous deals, fund performance and more. 

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Get key information

Find out a private equity firm's AUM, available dry powder, investment preferences, office locations and more.

See investments & exits

Explore the companies a VC firm has invested in, the lead partner associated with each transaction, deal size and more. You can also see investments by industry and year.

Evaluate the team and lead partners

Better understand who is on the investment team with details on the deals they've led, funds they've run and board seats they've held. Plus, get up-to-date contact information.

Access fund information and performance

See a venture capital fund's vintage year, size, dry powder, IRR and cash flow multiples. Click on a fund to get even more information about its returns and investments. 

"In the days before PitchBook, I gathered information from disparate places to amass and vet a list of potential investors. Now I have one spot where I can get the data I need to approach investors knowing their history, preferences, available funds, and how to best pitch DriveScale to them.”


See limited partners and commitments

Discover which limited partners have committed to a private equity firm fund as well as the size of their commitments. Click on an LP to get even more information about them. 

View details on co-investors

Discover who a VC firm co-invests with most often and the deals they've done together. See co-investment activity broken down by series and industry.

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List of best VC investors based in the UK with an interest in FinTech companies

List of European venture capital investors with upcoming funds over $25M seeking to invest in HealthTech or FinTech sectors

List of most active angel/venture capital firms involved in VC deals for UK-based information technology or SaaS companies since the beginning of 2018

List of venture - general fund types with a target fund size of at least $1B located in Menlo Park

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