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Locate and act on opportunities that yield a high return

To support VC investors in making informed market decisions, the VC Exit Predictor provides additional insights, such as a company’s exit probability, projected exit type, and company opportunity scores, helping investors build the most valuable portfolios.

Discover and better evaluate investment opportunities across venture-backed companies with PitchBook's VC Exit Predictor, a platform feature developed by PitchBook's Institutional Research Group that combines our industry-leading data and insights, and the power of machine learning.

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Optimize screening and research workflows

Pinpoint companies with a high exit probability and make better informed decisions with our performance projections for potential investments. The PitchBook VC Exit Predictor synthesizes information into two easy-to-understand data points (exit type and opportunity score) to simplify research and opportunity discovery. Access to these data points helps investors prioritize opportunities more effectively, saving them time and enabling them to better manage a list of companies.

A deal sourcing tool designed for today's venture market

The prominence of venture-backed companies is growing rapidly—in fact, the number of VC-backed startups has tripled in the last decade alone. Even amid market volatility, the asset class remains vital. To bring new companies and better investment opportunities to the forefront, investors need access to robust, easy-to-use toolsets that surface actionable information within the context of their existing workflows.

PitchBook’s VC Exit Predictor gives investors a better understanding of company trajectories, driving them toward more objective investment analysis and improved risk assessment.

Use trajectory data to make strategic selections

Introducing the PitchBook VC Exit Predictor

What is it?

PitchBook’s VC Exit Predictor is a machine learning algorithm that predicts a venture-backed company's likelihood of experiencing a traditional exit (M&A, IPO, or no exit) with 74% accuracy. Additionally, the feature also includes “Opportunity Score”, a proprietary measurement that helps assess expected returns based on historic IRR data.

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How are VC Exit predictions generated?

The VC Exit Predictor's success and exit probabilities are machine-generated using data available within the PitchBook Platform.
To qualify for the VC Exit Predictor, a company must have received at least two rounds of venture financing deals. The algorithm uses deal activity, active investors, company performance indicators, and market positioning to generate these predictions.

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