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Find detailed data on venture deals and exits across the private markets - including lead partners, multiples and valuations.

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Get granular information on venture funds - from investments and dry powder to IRR and cash flow multiples.

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The Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) provides 90,000 private equity professionals, advisors and executives the resources they need to make deals and grow middle-market companies.

Not only does ACG use our data to inform the market intelligence it shares with its members, but ACG also partners with PitchBook for many conferences. Our data and technology facilitate networking, deal sourcing and more at InterGrowth, one of the largest PE conferences in the world.

The official data provider of ACG & NVCA

The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) is the top organization for venture capital advocacy, and the statistics it releases are widely recognized as the industry standard.

NVCA evaluated 11 different data providers based on:

• Data quality, breadth and depth

• Research methodology

• Database usability and functionality

• Customer support

In the end, PitchBook stood out as the clear leader

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