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PitchBook provides a complete view of the private and public markets, enabling a deeper level of analysis.

Comprehensive public market coverage

PitchBook tracks more than 86,000 publicly-traded companies and covers fundamentals, forward-looking estimates and leading independent equity research.

Instead of wading through thousands of funds that list “healthcare” as a stated preference, PitchBook lets you zoom in on a list of funds that actually did deals in a certain industry, region or size range. You can even filter that list by the percentage of the fund invested in the deal type you care about.

A complete view of the private markets

PitchBook spans the public-to-private continuum, tracks the entire VC, PE and M&A landscape and is the world’s largest source of private company valuations, deal multiples and private transactions.

Benchmarks should compare funds based on attributes that matter—like the actual investments the fund has made. With PitchBook, you can create a peer group based on deal industry, size, type and location, in addition to traditional fund-level criteria.

PitchBook tags each transaction with detailed deal types—from management buyouts to corporate divestitures to Series E rounds—so users can save time scrubbing data to find comparable companies and transactions.

Quickly find comparable companies and track industries

PitchBook cuts down on time spent scrubbing data by tagging transactions with detailed deal types. Plus, our granular tags allow users to see trends within a specific industry or sector.

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PitchBook provides comprehensive data on the private and public markets to help global business professionals discover and execute opportunities with confidence.

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