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PitchBook is a financial data platform that delivers meaningful insights into the evolving capital markets with private and public data—including on companies, investors, funds, investments, exits and people. We provide customers with the tools they need to discover new opportunities, work more efficiently and make more informed decisions.

The New York Islanders’ fanbase is epic, plain and simple. They’re a passionate, dynamic and inclusive group whose members bleed blue and orange. Since 1972, the team’s global network of supporters has remained steadfast and unwavering—there to experience every high and low alongside the players and the organization. They’re invested in the Isles.

In the global capital markets, we see similar peaks and valleys for companies, investors and economies. PitchBook also believes in staying the course—empowering our customers to leverage our financial data and insights to guide the ship, no matter how big the waves. We’re data diehards.

2022 is a massive year for the New York Islanders—the team is playing at UBS Arena, its brand new home, and the organization is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The team at PitchBook is proud to announce its partnership with the New York Islanders during this exciting chapter in its history.

As the Official Financial Data Provider of UBS Arena and the suite-level sponsor, The PitchBook Suites provide unmatched fan experiences for audiences attending Islanders’ games and other events at the arena. All 38 of The PitchBook Suites are equipped with top-of-the-line bars and kitchens, as well as stadium-style seats that provide expansive views of the action. The Suites’ design and furnishings are inspired by storied New York venues like Sardi’s, Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel and the King Cole Bar at St. Regis New York.

And that’s just the start. PitchBook’s presence at UBS Arena will extend beyond the Suites to include engaging, interactive fan experiences. 

The Suite Life at UBS Arena

PitchBook Winformation Wall flip disc wall at Climate Pledge Arena
PitchBook Winformation Wall flip disc wall at Climate Pledge Arena
PitchBook Winformation Wall flip disc wall at Climate Pledge Arena

PitchBook is the Official Financial Data Provider of the New York Islanders

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