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Behind every great golfer is a hardworking caddie. At face value, a caddie’s role might seem purely physical–walking for miles, carrying a heavy bag of clubs. But a truly great caddie’s doing more than meets the eye. The best caddies observe every angle. They absorb information. And they deliver data to inform the player’s strategy and help them clinch a win.

PitchBook has partnered with five-time LPGA Tour winner Michelle Wie West to be her caddie off the course. The Stanford grad and angel investor is actively building her portfolio, supporting brands she believes in, as well as women and minority entrepreneurs, with PitchBook on her side.

Michelle was the youngest woman to qualify for and go on to win the USGA Women’s Amateur Championship, and today works to support causes that get women and girls engaged in the sport.  As an angel investor and champion for equity, Wie West strives to elevate hardworking people and be a driving force for connecting entrepreneurs with capital to execute on bright ideas and big dreams.

With the long-game in mind, athlete investors are a rapidly growing segment in the world of venture funding. PitchBook is proud to play a part in helping Michelle win what’s next. 

A true champion

PitchBook delivers the data and insights to help Michelle Wie West win off the course

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A different kind of caddie

Michelle Wie West and Renee Powell, the second Black woman to play on the LPGA, with the hoodie that's raised over $350,000 for charities through its tie-dye hoodie drive. (LPGA)

Michelle at The PitchBook Invitational at Half Moon Bay Golf Links.