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M&A Deals


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Private Market Valuations

Other merger and acquisition deal types, including:

Asset acquisitions

Mergers of equals

Private/public M&A

Reverse mergers

Sponsored M&A

Strategic/corporate M&A

M&A deal data

See the mergers and acquisitions in your industry, how the deals were structured, who was involved and more.

PitchBook for deal sourcing

Discover companies that are a strategic fit and primed for acquisition using our timely, accurate financial data.

PitchBook for investment banks & financial advisories

Execute mergers & acquisitions faster and win more business with PitchBook.

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Details you can discover

View key information

Get the size, date and other important details about deals with our M&A overview. Plus, see a snapshot of a company when it was acquired with data like employee count, industry and vertical and capital raised to date.

See the acquirer and deal structure

Discover who the acquirer was, the lead partner on the acquisition, the acquisition amount and form of payment. If investors are exiting, you can see that too.

“PitchBook’s investment research and peer comparisons help a lot in deal sourcing and due diligence.”

- Eric Gao, Founder, CEO 

Access purchase price multiples and valuation

See the purchase price multiples and valuations associated with a transaction, as well as the company's financials upon acquisition, including deal multiples, income statements, ratios, balance sheets and cash flow.

Get details on advisors

Find out which lenders, law firms, accounting firms, investment banks, consultants and other service providers helped make a deal happen. Get the lead partner's prior deal experience, contact information, firm and amount invested, as well as lenders' debt type and amounts provided. 

How we collect our M&A data


More than 650,000 web crawlers scan the internet—capturing relevant financial information from news articles, regulatory filings, websites, press releases and more.


Our natural language processing and machine learning technology organizes acquisitions data and filters out anything irrelevant.


Our specialized data teams collect, calculate and verify key figures to build in-depth M&A datasets with information you can‘t find anywhere else.


Our quality assurance team uses preventative validations, corrective validations and manual reviews to relentlessly vet every piece of data.


Our primary research team communicates directly with people involved in mergers and acquisition deals to validate information and validate hard-to-find details.

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PitchBook is the premier resource for comprehensive, best-in-class data and insights on the global capital markets.  

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