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Example Investor lists

List of top private equity firms located in Hong Kong with open funds over $50M

Example investor lists

List of European venture capital investors with upcoming funds over $25M seeking to invest in HealthTech or FinTech sectors

List of hedge fund managers in New York with open funds over 100M 

List of best VC investors based in the UK with an interest in FinTech companies

Example investor lists

List of venture - general fund types with a target fund size of at least $1B located in Menlo Park

List of top PE/buyout firms based in New York investing in private equity or real estate

List of funds with Series A rounds since 2018 for cybersecurity companies in New York

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List of strategic/corporate acquirers with the most M&A transactions for companies in the B2B industry sector in 2015

Example investor lists

List of US investors based in New York that have completed buyouts of M&A transactions in FinTech since 2017

List of most active angel/venture capital  firms involved in VC deals for UK-based information technology or SaaS companies since the beginning of 2018

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