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Gain insight into an institutional investor's mandate, target and actual allocations, past and present commitments, and investment preferences.

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Institutional Investors

"PitchBook combines data I can trust with a user-friendly interface that enables me to make informed investment decisions in the most efficient manner." 

- Philip Rich, Head of Private Equity, Fox Rock Capital 

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25+ institutional investor types, including:

Corporate/public pensions

Economic development agencies

Family office


Money/wealth management firms

Insurance companies

Sovereign wealth funds

Universities & endowments

Details you can discover

View key information

Find out an investor’s AUM, available dry powder, office locations, primary contact information, investment preferences—like deal size, industry, vertical, geography—and more. 

See an institutional investor's investment policy and preferences

Discover an institutional investor’s investment portfolio breakdown—from equities and fixed income, to private equity, real estate and cash. Learn more about their commitment preferences by looking at their previous fund types and target geographic regions, too. 

Get details on current and former mandates

Look into investors through our commitment search functionality, plus find out about current and former mandates and explore mandate breakdowns, including fund types, manager preferences, mandate amount, target allocations and dates.

Get details on commitments

See an institutional investor’s committed funds and commitment amounts. Analyze returns data with insight into IRR and cash flow multiples. Dive into a fund’s profile to see which companies and industries an institutional investor is exposed to, as well as vintage, size and other fund information.

View direct investments

Get information about any direct investments an institutional investor has made—including the company, co-investors, deal date, type, size and industry.

Gain insight into the team

Better understand who is on the team with details about their experience, education, roles and tenure. Plus, get up-to-date contact information.

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PitchBook is the premier resource for comprehensive, best-in-class data and insights on the global capital markets.  

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