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See how PitchBook can take you further

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Our award-winning software gives you access to our data and the analytical tools you need to get answers fast.

Get the information you need about companies, funds or investors - wherever you are.

Access our data directly from your browser while you're visiting a website, reading the news or researching online.

Excel Plugin

Access our data directly within Excel to create and update financial models quickly.

Direct Data Access

CRM Integration

Integrate our data with your existing systems through an a la carte solution or a pre-defined supply of data points.

Bring our data into your CRM to create new leads and enhance your existing accounts.

Invest smarter

Quickly vet a company with insight into its financing history, cap tables, series terms, EBITDA, deal multiples, investors, executives and more.

Zero in on companies that match your investment preferences, from capital raised and growth stage to industry and location.

Discover new opportunities

Keep tabs on all market activity to discover promising industries and inform your thesis.

Look inside other investors' portfolios to better understand their strategies and where they're finding success.

Exit stronger

Pin point the right time to exit your investment based on similar companies' exits.

Search for strategic acquirers and private equity firms based on their previous investments, available dry powder or investment preferences to find the most promising buyers.

Fundraise faster

Leverage granular data on institutional investors—including mandates, allocations, commitments and preferences—to identify the investors that are most likely to commit to your fund. 

Details you can discover

Save time

Stop scrubbing data in Excel—we identify different types of funding rounds, companies and financing for you. 

Export information to Excel, or access data directly from your spreadsheets.

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