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Better fund benchmarks start with having 
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The PitchBook Platform is home to up-to-date data for 34,000+ funds and powerful benchmarking tools 

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To get a full understanding of a fund's landscape, we have to get granular—looking at a particular fund, drilling into it's underlying investments and knowing which service providers and general partners are connected to the fund. With the PitchBook Platform, we get that 360-degree view."


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Types of Funds:

  • Buyout 
  • Growth
  • Venture Capital
  • Infrastructure
  • Real Estate
  • Fund of Funds
  • Energy
  • Secondaries


Funds data:
  • Status
  • Size
  • Vintage Year
  • Dry Powder Amounts
  • Industry Focus
  • Quarterly Return Metrics
  • LP Commitments


Most fund benchmarks are superficial—they only take into account vintage year, fund type and size, and ignore the attributes that set your fund and strategy apart from your peers. 

PitchBook's build-your-own benchmarking tool enables you to select the funds you want to be benchmarked against according to meaningful attributes like portfolio construction and industry focus. 

What You Can Track In the PitchBook Platform:


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