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Get the real story behind private companiesfrom competitors and cap tables to financials and financing history. 

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Evaluate financials 
and filings

Get an in-depth look at a company's financialsincluding revenue, EBITDA and balance sheets. You can also see any filings a company has submitted. 

Get key information

Track a company's growth with an interactive timeline. Learn what a business does as well as its employee count, office location, contact information and more. 

View executives and 
board members

Better understand who is leading a company and sitting on its board with details on their experience and education. Plus, get up-to-date contact information.

Explore financing history

See the financing a company has received as well as deal multiples, valuations and series terms. Gain insight into a company's capital structure with its round-by-round cap table.

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private companies

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Venture capital-
backed companies

Private equity-
backed companies

Mature private companies

Gain insight into investors

See a company's active and former investors, the deals they're associated with and how much equity they have. Click on an investor to get even more information.

See similar companies and competitors

Find out which private companies are similar, so you can get a feel for the competitive landscape or quickly start building comps.

Follow non-financial metrics

Gauge how much traction a company is getting with non-financial metrics like social media followers, web traffic and mobile app reviews.

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